Wednesday, 13 January 2010

sex, lies &...4. blackberry

Ash: Shubby Doo. You! Left Lagos without saying goodbye
Shubby Doo: Sorry sweetie. How now?
Ash: I'm good. So now I find out that you're a baaaaaaaaaaaaad girl. Interesting ;) Now you must tell

Shubby Doo: Rules say just the score o! Besides you know I'm an angel
Ash: Angels barely get 100. I'm on 335 so I wanna know about your score
Shubby Doo: Crap, yours is lower than mine... o lawdy! :S
Ash: Yeah yeah just tell

Shubby Doo: How about you first?
Ash: You know I will tell you but you on ther other hand are the wild card!!!
Shubby Doo: LOL...ok maybe I was little naughty but I'm still so nice!!! ;)

So I’m wondering whether to lie or keep quiet... besides if I lie, the numbers won't add up and that means more explanations. Silence is best I think... definitely going the strong silence route... silence is that one thing that is so fragile that saying it breaks it.

But I do plan to have a little fun with him. You see his inquisition (on predominantly my sexual exploits) is because this turned up on my blackberry yesterday night… I read it and decided to play along so I tallied up my dues and I changed my status accordingly.

Feel free to have a go... and let me know your score!

This is fun to do. Just read the 'offence' and if you've done it, you owe that fine. You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine.
NOTE fines to be added once, not for how ever many times you have done it....
Put in your profile My fine is £XX (whatever amount is!)

01. Smoked weed -- £10
02. Did acid or pills -- £5
03. Ever had sex at church -- £25
04. Woke up in the morning & didn't know the person who was next to you -- £40
05. Had sex with someone on MySpace/Facebook/Bebo etc -- £25
06. Had sex for money -- £100
07. Ever had sex with a Puerto Rican -- £20
08. Vandalised something -- £20
09. Had sex on your parents' bed -- £10
10. Beat up someone -- £20
11. Been jumped -- £10
12. Cross dressed -- £10
13. Given money to stripper -- £25
14. Been in love with a stripper -- £20
15. Kissed someone who's name you didn't know -- £0.10
16. Hit on some one of the same sex while at work -- £15
17. Ever drive and drank -- £20
18. Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- £50
19. Used toys while having sex -- £30
20. Got drunk, passed out and don't remember the night before -- £20
21. Went skinny dipping -- £5
22. Had sex in a pool -- £20
23 Kissed someone of the same sex -- £10
24. Had sex with someone of the same sex -- £20
25. Cheated on your significant other -- £10
26. Masturbated -- £10
27. Cheated on your significant other with their relative or close friend -- £20
28. Done oral -- £5
29. Got oral -- £5
30. Done / got oral in a vehicle while it was moving -- £25
31. Stole something -- £10
32. Had sex with someone in jail -- £25
33. Made a nasty home video or took pictures -- £15
34. Had a threesome -- £50
35. Had sex in public -- £20
36. Been in the same room while someone was having sex --£25
37. Stole something worth over more than a hundred quid -- £20
38. Had sex with someone 10 years older -- £20
39. Had sex with someone ten years younger -- £25
40. Been in love with two people or more at the same time-- £50
41. Said you love someone but didn't mean it -- £25
42. Went streaking -- £5

How much do u owe?

I owe £430... damn!!!!... Actually I'm going to reduce it to £405... I didn't meet them via fb so fb doesnt count jare!

Ash: I'm still wating oooooooooo!
Shubby Doo: LOL. Night Ash
Ash: Sweet dreams


Anonymous,  13 January 2010 at 11:42  

Happy New Year....

miz-cynic 13 January 2010 at 12:58  


tunrayo 13 January 2010 at 14:54  

67,525 naira when converted. you've been a very bad somebori ;)Happy New Year

Shubby Doo 13 January 2010 at 15:24  

@rethots - happy new year to you too

@miz-cynic - believe it o! you've always been a saint in my books jo ;)

@tunrayo - bad? me ke? i will say that i've enjoyed all of it o! so yours is about £270.10...ehnnn... so does that mean u've kissed someone who's name you didn't know ;)

happy new year to you too

Sugarking 13 January 2010 at 18:25  

Nna mehn!!! this is a collection of all the baddest sins in the world!!! My debt plenty sha. lol

Ms Sula 13 January 2010 at 18:31  

Ok, now I won't be able to post my score!!!


Nice to read ya, darling, and Happy New Year!

Shubby Doo 13 January 2010 at 18:52  

@rayo - yay! somebody over 300...i'm feeling more like the norm :D

@sugraking - abi o! come back and post your score jare! account for your sins or r u silent cos it is full marks for you!!! :P

@ms sula - happy new year darling. last time i checked you had gone private. please e-mail me on i'd liked to stay in touch in the real world!!!

not sure if you're there but i plan on a trip to houston, texas this year to see my friend rosetta. hopefully we can meet then too!

LoloBloggs 13 January 2010 at 20:57  

I used to think I was bad, but I only got £220....maybe I need to be more naughty..hmm...!

Welcome back lady!

Shubby Doo 13 January 2010 at 21:09  

@lolobloggs - lol...maybe this should have been the 'naughty girl' beyonce says:
'..I'm callin all my girls
We're gonna turn this party out...'


happy new year hun. hope u had a fab xmas.

u owe me a phone call and i owe u a visit! hopefully when the snow melts away!

~Sirius~ 13 January 2010 at 21:12  

£275 mhen!!!.......but my BB update says £250.....hehehehe

I caught the bug as well.

Shona Vixen 13 January 2010 at 23:14  

I stick to what i said on my BB - 0.00 coz i declared myself bankrupt and had the debts cleared so i owe!!

ibiluv 13 January 2010 at 23:40  

i owe a measely 225
damn girl
you've been doing sum things............wink

happy new year

SOLOMONSYDELLE 14 January 2010 at 14:02  

boy, I'm quite boring, or just sane,lol! 135 is all I can cop to.


Happy new yam, babe!

Myne 14 January 2010 at 21:46  

I really am an angel and some people thought I was joking over at Leggy's LOL...Nice meme...

cerberus 15 January 2010 at 07:00  

I'm £490.10 deep. Finally nice to have someone in my bracket.

Happy new year Shubby


N.I.M.M.O 15 January 2010 at 12:52  

N 166, 450 only @ the official CBN rate.

If I put it out in pounds sterling, my FB profile may be X-rated.

Avartsy 16 January 2010 at 22:09  

damn, damn, damn! well, look who it is...who just resurfaced enh! You try o!!!

Welcome back sha, Happy New Year ati be be lo...


Aseda Photography 20 January 2010 at 01:15  

Ok I owe £65 and going by my bank account, I can't owe any more than that.

Happy New Year.

Shubby Doo 22 January 2010 at 20:22  

@sirius - u biko!

@shona - hi hun...i like your thinking

@ibiluv - girl get up number up...u've a rep to protect!!! lol

@doll - really?

@sister solly - er...erm...sister solly, with TE, TK and Bomboy we know that u are not sane o! ;P

@myne whitman - i'm an angel too o! i actually spoke to Ash about this and at least 3 i had initially included don’t count...i'm down to £375

@cerberus - u are a high roller i kinda guy ;)

@NIMMO - at CBN rate ke? damn!!!...u're own pass us o! i bow!

@avarsty - happy new year hun...i'm still here o

@aseda photography - wow...same as doll? go figure!

Anonymous,  25 January 2010 at 19:38  




*sign of the cross*

I cant believe this yo, it s been rigged mehn, you can't tell me nothing!

Angel 31 January 2010 at 19:20  

£265 oh dear!! I cant believe it!

Shubby Doo 3 February 2010 at 17:42  

@angel - lol... believe it sister girl...i guess by Ash's reckoning u aint no angel... *whispers*... lady in my books you're a saint jare!!! ;)

@chari - rigged ke? haba, who would dare place any sort of temporary contrivance on a whole u?!!!

nice try kiddo but we all know your name no be 'innocent'! =)

bArOquE 3 March 2010 at 13:05  

CHAI, i no try at all...i scored 17/42 bringing me to a debt over £ mother will kill me

PS: NIMMO still holds the record here, & not me

T.Notes 20 March 2010 at 20:04  

I dare not even take the test, much less post my score!!I'd rather live in denial!Hahaha!!!
Cap that with an angelic bubble;)

Muse Origins 11 March 2011 at 18:01  

I got 100. Does that make me a good girl or a bad girl? LOL!!

Lovely blog!


Pearly Craig 15 March 2012 at 10:35  

Others prefer silence just to cut the argument short or to avoid the argument at all. It is a better alternative than lying.

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