Saturday, 30 May 2009

364 days at Peking

‘…A Squash vine grew beneath a towering tree.
In only twenty days it grew and spread and put forth fruit.
Of the tree it asked: 'How old are you? How many years?'
Replied the tree: 'Two hundred it would be, and surely more.'
The squash laughed and said: 'Look, in twenty days, I've done
More than you; tell me, why are you so slow?'
The tree responded: 'O little Squash, today is not the day of
reckoning between the two of us'
'Tomorrow, when winds of autumn howl down on you and me, then shall it be known for sure which one of us is the most resilient…’

Nasir Khusraw

Above is how I started my very first post.

I've stayed in this foreign land for almost a year... a year on 1st June to be exact.

I have met many new friends on this ‘journey’... including a blogger quite dear to me... better known to all here as Allied... I had the pleasure of meeting her about two weeks ago on my trip to USA.

You have met Shubby Doo and Flying Snow.

Here, I have tried to hold true to the fact that I never wanted this to be my boxer rebellion’ despite the fact that this in itself is a secret society. This escape has been somewhat of a ‘battle’ because unlike ‘the boxers’, I have constantly worried that this incarnation of me would not be impervious to blades or invincible against the ‘fire spears’ of foreigners

Despite my fears, in this ‘Peking’, I have tried to stay true to myself.

Have I succeeded? I guess only The Good Shepherd truly knows :-)

So for the simply fact that in 364 days I never actually chose to ‘escape from Peking to Xian’, I'm going to celebrate this occasion by saying Happy 1 year anniversary’ to this blogspot.

Blogville has been a rich experience to remember...


Monday, 4 May 2009

may days

May Day conjures up a time when the weather is warmer… flowers start to blossom... just like friendships. Yesterday, I went to ShonaVixen’s for lunch and also met up with Afrobabe, Confessions of a London gal, Jayla and Wordmerchant… all for the first time... I don’t think any of us left hers before 11:30pm... I had a fab time... ladies, it was simply a pleasure.

May is also the time that falls approximately halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice... a time for love and romance. Well just in case cupid has decided to take time off as Labour Day… I’m off too… Flying Snow will be living it up James Bond style... lol... ok, not quite but I do have three trips planned; two of which are holidays... so be it for work or play... I'm calling these escapades my May Days.

So let me tell you about where I will be and see if you can guess... feel free to also let me know your reasoning :-)

The 1st holiday is mid month… with Tweet… and guess what?!!!… we are planning on going skydiving again!!! So I guess this is the ‘Live and Let Die’ holiday… while there, I will visit places where the Hudson divides. At some point I will become its girl but hopefully not its devil...

Where am I?

The 2nd holiday is the weekend after… and it’s with Niata and Cameron… we are exploring two countries…

Initially, Niata and I will fly to the crossroads of the Pannonian Plain. Cameron will join us later as we explore a greek, roman, venetian and austro-hungarian schizoid that managed to capture the sea journeys of Dragonheart… this country features in the film ‘From Russia with Love’ although we will not be in Russia…

Where am I?

Cameron, Niata and I will drive across the boarder to another country; previously ruled by bishop princes but now known as the Monaco of the Adriatic. Consider this as our ‘Casino Royale’ break away…

Where am I?
Czech Republic

I get back on the Wednesday and from then on it will be all work again… you see first thing on Thursday, I have to drive to Manchester for a conference… Friday morning, I’ll drive back down south at a leisurely pace; heading straight for work. On Saturday, I fly out for a week … I'm giving no clues on this one I'm afraid so feel free to just guess... but bear in mind that what they say is true… ‘The World Is Not Enough’

Where am I?

Oh Happy Days!

To the five ladies mentioned above, as well as Rocnaija, you are allowed to comment but not about the locations... I know that you know ;-)

Disobey me and I will attack the blogroll!!!


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