Wednesday, 10 December 2008

winter wonderland

On sunday, I woke up shivering from the cold so I got out of bed to turn the central heating on but I found that the breath of winter still lingered outside my window. I looked down below and realised that this time it had brought with it a healthy dusting of icing. Tree branches, previously naked were now covered with a fluffy blanket of snow. The small lanes of the quarry looked like Eskimo way. In that instant my irritation, caused by the incessant shrill of the wind the night before, disappeared. Instead, I stood there marvelling at the transformation; there was certainly nothing bleak about this mid-winter morning because my small world now glistened outside the transparent globe. Then I felt that familiar childhood thrill, whistle through me; to run and play outside, in this bright and beautiful winter wonderland.


Another reason this post is titled ‘winter wonderland’ is because I’ve been meaning to take part in Geisha's ‘12 days of Christmas’ production.

On Sunday, again, she asked if I was still interested so I downloaded some recording software, off the internet... the free one sha… with track times limited to 1 minute… a fair compromise, I thought... since I didn't want anybody to have to endure my tuneless rendition for any significant length of time... lol... Anyway, I decided to record a song that captured the joviality in my spirit that morning.

So… for the minute few wanting a direct link to my contribution, 5th day of Christmas, click here.

Remember that ’tis the season of love and goodwill… so please o!... easy on the yabs =)


Rebirth 10 December 2008 at 03:33  

how i crave for winter now!!!!!!!!! warm south :(

Afrobabe 10 December 2008 at 09:51  

lmao...preparing my yabs...will need to do an internet search to make sure I beat all the other yabs....

I hate winter...when I see that white look tears come to my eyes and I just want to be in naija...

Shubby Doo 10 December 2008 at 10:35  

@fumms, the rebirth – I hear you o!… I love the seasonal changes… but there is something about winter and its teasing promise of a white chrismas that is so enchanting…

mind u, the cold can be unbearable.

@Afro – you know what sweetie?…you can yab me all you like but soon it will be my turn to laff…guess who is off to Naija in 8 days time… meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!… my tears will be those of pure joy… LMAO

I’ll pick up a little sun just for u ;-)…mwah!

~Sirius~ 10 December 2008 at 10:51  

My internet sucks! I can't listen :-(

ShonaVixen 10 December 2008 at 10:57  

Funms why u crave for Winter???Please o...i dont like winter @ all!!Yes, i like looking at the snow outside n all but i dont like the cold period!! my fav Xmas Carol is Winter Wonderland...i so heart it..last week even danced whilst singing to it in the Folli Follie

bArOquE 10 December 2008 at 11:05  

so, did you go & play outside?...lemme get to Geisha's & pray my ear drums remain intact by the time i get back

Shubby Doo 10 December 2008 at 11:50  

@sirius – sorry about that hun…but I’m glad u didn’t say to me ‘your voice sucks’…it does but you know what I mean… lol

@shonavixen – awww… you did?…security no come carry u comot for the shop?… LOL

A quick apology from me cos I might have ruined a classic of yours this chrismas but I confess that was smiling and bobbing up and down while I was doing it sha…it was quite fun… but I ain’t looking to impress Simon

the cold dey bite me tire 4 here… e don do…I’m off next week with my bikinis et al… yay!

@baroque – u dey craze?…hell no… I dived back under the duvet hun…you no know say I be African woman…shio…

oga come, u neva reach there and you don start… ok o!… as if you get ear drum to dey hear well well now sef… LOL…

Sweetie, there is no need to come back…yab me there jare… I won’t feel it…LOL

ibiluv 10 December 2008 at 12:02  

all that cold
u brought upon urself*evil grin*

i always thought u guys all liked having a white Xmas

havent listened yet
but i believe you sound fabulous

doug 10 December 2008 at 12:22  

You suuuuuuuuucked!!!!! Horribly!!!! God! What was that awful bleating???!!!!

lol! You know its all love right?

Nigerian Drama Queen 10 December 2008 at 15:07  

Awww winter wonderland is one of my favorite christmas songs...even though I absolutely hate winter! Off to listen...
And if anyone yabs you, tell them to sing their own song for us to hear!

Lolia 10 December 2008 at 17:15  

@ Funms-the-rebirth
Which crave? How many crave? Biko, enjoy your south...the east coast is FREEZING :(

I can't wait until I'm in Lagos next week (then I shall proceed to complain about the heat lol)

Don't mind me jare...I'm just a mumu

@ Shubby Doo
See the way you've now made winter seem oh so sexy lol I feel you though...sometimes I love it...other times I'm by force to school in America?
Meanwhile I haven't listened to your song yet but will do...:)
Everyone go easy...It'll soon be my turn ^_^

Rita 10 December 2008 at 19:10  

For some reason I could not get to listen to this song. Am I doing something wrong?

Just sending a hot harmattan hug for your cold winter...

Buttercup 10 December 2008 at 20:49  

its the other way around here..its summer right now..

p.s. i just came back from geisha's..u sound cute!

Unknown 11 December 2008 at 09:33  


I almost forgot... sorry, about the blogroll wahala ;)

aloted 11 December 2008 at 15:02  

aww listened to u on geisha's page...

nice one!!!

enjoy naija o...and pls take antimalaria...

Smaragd 11 December 2008 at 15:11  

Aww dearie, I missed ur birthday! forgive me?
and u did skydive! u go girl!
u obviously had

and now u are on a diet?!lol
the diet sounds fun actually.

I've never seen an actual winter, so i dont know how u feel, maybe i'll plan a winter trip next year, u make it sound appealing.

Smaragd 11 December 2008 at 15:11  

Aww dearie, I missed ur birthday! forgive me?
and u did skydive! u go girl!
u obviously had

and now u are on a diet?!lol
the diet sounds fun actually.

I've never seen an actual winter, so i dont know how u feel, maybe i'll plan a winter trip next year, u make it sound appealing.

Smaragd 11 December 2008 at 15:12  

SHUBBY, u are coming to Naija! for real?

O'Dee 11 December 2008 at 15:47  

Cant listen to your song, the internet connection @ work is really slow.

Lol @ being easy on the yabs.

Shubby Doo 11 December 2008 at 16:43  

@oluwadee – shame about your connection…*coughs*…er…erm…lol

@smaragd – where u come disappear 2?

honey, u know I could never stay mad at you…so there is nothing to 4give…besides I’m pleased you actually went back to read the posts of mine that you’d missed…

yes sweetie I’m coming…leave 4 lagos a week today & I’m there for nearly 3 weeks…yay!

@aloted - thank u dearest…& thanks for the antimalaria tip 2…I’m always forgetting…

@aloofar – not sure why you can’t…with me it took about 10s to start up… or could be your browser?…I'm naff at this so I suggest u ask if she can help

about the blogroll…no worries…I actually found it funny despite what I jokingly said at yours

@buttercup – I sound cute?…well I guess there is nothing else 4 me to do or say but… *runs to hug buttercup with a big kiss* - thanks sweetie

@rita – thanks for the warm hugs…I’ll save them 4 when I head out to Russia in 2009.

not sure why it isn’t working. Maybe your browser setting…cos I tried with Firefox and no joy but with Internet Explorer it works fine… suggest u also ask if she can help

@lolia – I guess we should be grateful our parents didn’t send us to the artic region to study…lol

winter is romantic but also bloody cold…I finished uni many years ago so I guess like ibiluv says it is self-inflected… 2 a point hence why I’m jetting out.

can’t wait to hear u…i’m sure you’ll blow us away…did you hear wordsmith’s contribution…she sang ‘santa baby’?…A-MA-ZING

@NDQ – thank you my dear. I will

@doug – NDQ said ‘let us hear your own, hot doug’…LMAO…I can’t wait to hear you sing but I recommend u sing ‘Heat Miser’…actually let me sing it for you…*singing*

He's mister heat miser
He's mister sun
He's mister heat blister
He's mister one hundred and one

hahaha… you know no amount of yabs from you will stop me laughing at your ‘heating up’ episode…of course this 2 is all love from me to u ;-P

@ibiluv – pls carry your evil grin comot go o!...’tis the season to be jolly…lol… i know it’s semi self inflicted but that’s the way it goes…4 now sha…Nywaz, I will be underneath the splendid naija sun soon ;-)…

for saying I’m sure 2 sound fabulous b4 hearing me…kisses

Allied 11 December 2008 at 17:33  

Ermm…Shubby Doo it is not rain, so u can’t go outside and play. Did you? There is that child in us yearning to come out; a nostalgia for our simpler and happier days

So, your voice is sweet abi? Me to i want to sing oh...

Update on your comment – yeah, I went water rafting, not once not twice but trice. It was nice. Camping is the next thing to try – I guess I have to go with my Oyinbo/Indian friends again, only few Nigerians are outdoorsy. They keep complaining “are we going to sleep outside? in a tent? Why can’t we get a cabin? How will I wrap my hair? Gosh!

If I wanted a cabin, I might as well make a camp fire in the middle of my living room...


Ok Allied breathe!!!

Re my car stopping on the highway – men that story is a blog in itself. Gist of it is that I suffered, but God works in mysterious ways sha!

Shubby Doo 11 December 2008 at 21:17  

@allied - yes o!… those simple days...*singing babyface's song*

'Bring back those simple times of yesterday
When a man was a man
And a friend was a friend
Bring back those simple times of yesterday'

i've run out to play in snow as a young teenager in my flip flops…to everyone’s horror…but it was exhilarating…i love snow fights…i love how even the ugliest views are transformed into the serenest of sights because of it.

but play in the rain ke?… i no fit…note that lyrics above were not those of ‘singing in the rain’…lol

re your comment to mine @ yours…
-i look forward to that blog ;-)…more importantly, I'm really glad it all turned out ok…

-3 times… *in complete awe of allied*…u went three times!!!…come, why are you not asking me to holiday with u? abi i no be your naija friend again…

do send me your e-mail…it's not on your profile… & u & I are always jisting across blogs…ok i have to go and pack b4 ‘terminator: sarah connor chronicles starts’… actually star trek voyager is on now so I’ll pack b4 I go to bed…smooches;-)

Miss Definitely Maybe 11 December 2008 at 22:32  

you can actually carry a tune?????????????
Im going down the envious/jealous 'cant believe its you so prove it route'
I would need to see an accompanying video with someone from the guiness book of records or equavilent verifying that its an authentic production lol
you should hear my rendition of silent night, it definitely shadows your winter wonderland by far
(as in its undenieably terrible, wait till i have three or more glasses of wine........)

Anonymous,  12 December 2008 at 17:07  

who's dreaming of a white christmas?

me o!
i love cold areas,but too bad in naija we have to search for the harmattan with a rechargeable lamp.


Afrobabe 13 December 2008 at 10:53  

Ok.... So I went to Geisha's blog hoping to laugh my fat ass off at ur song and now I have to grudgingly praise you....not can you be intelligent and sing well sucks....

Afrobabe 13 December 2008 at 10:54  

YOU ARE GOING TO NAIJA??????????????????

Oh God, life sucks on a higher level...

clnmike 13 December 2008 at 12:35  

Your better than me, i would have rolled back into bed.

Rita 13 December 2008 at 20:04  

I listened to the song sweet. It really got me in a dancing Christmas mood. It is beautiful.

bArOquE 14 December 2008 at 11:50  

you get luck say my system here no gree me hear the music...anyway merry Christmas in advance (just incase i dont say it later)

Shubby Doo 14 December 2008 at 23:15  

@miss DM - if i had £1million (i would do as Simon supposedly did this w/e for Alexandra’s finale duet on the X factor) & pay Beyonce to sing… & then I would dash awon guinness world record peeps some cash to say na me o!… ehnnn what am i saying jare?… i would pay one choir girl N250 to sing & then keep the balance for me, myself and I lol

Haba…no way was I submitting a song if i wasn't in tune… baroque and afro would have finished me laffing… lol

@re-written - re-chargeable lamp ke… hahaha… i know but saying that last year i actually caught a cold in naija just after new year...the irony of it was just 2 funny!

@afrobabe - i'm going o!... are you staying in England or disappearing elsewhere for some or all of the upcoming festive holiday? If not…you wan make I pack you for suitcase carry you go naija?… lol

thanks for the compliment dearie… as if you too no be intelligent, sassy, spirited, fine naija you can sing too!

@clnmike - lol… i meant 2 but i ended up on the couch with the duvet… decided to watch sunday morning cartoons

@rita - awww…how kind of u… thanks 4 coming back to say so.

@baroque – eya…you still no fit hear…still?… i hope no be yeye outdated system you wan use listen to my priceless voice… but you miss o… ;-)

if you’re ever in England come find me… we can '…frolic and play…’ and if it is winter… or we can just go ‘…walking in the winter wonderland land…’

Merry xmas 2 you darling...just wanted to say I love your blog simply cos i love the mind behind it...

May all your dreams come thru this xmas honey… wishing you a blessed new year. Amen

for that mulato comment at afro's...*slaps baroque* ;-P

Jinta 15 December 2008 at 00:31  

i love winter when i do not have to go to work. true beauty

ok. resisting the yabs here

Shubby Doo 15 December 2008 at 08:19  

@jinta – lol… methinks there might be a true softie inside that jinta persona of yours cos I would have expected u to finish me with a ‘bah humbug’ but u resisted…4 that I say thank u ;-)… Merry Christmas

bArOquE 15 December 2008 at 09:02  

priceless mulatto voice ko! I must still hear am…frolic & play, walk in winter wonderland…interestingly tempting…i’m game but I’m kinda tired of coming 2d UK, was practically there the whole of this year

thanks for the xmas wishes, I wish you the same & more…

*catches hand b4 slap hits & lands a kiss on Shubby’s lips*

Afrobabe 15 December 2008 at 09:28  

As my papers dey with Queen, that is the only way I can reach naija right now oh...

left u a meannnnnnnnn note at Jintas....

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