Thursday, 27 August 2009


I love the fact that as human being we have the free will to choose to do something. This is usually preceeded by some consideration of the merits (or demerits) of numerous options before selecting a course of action.

I remember a quote from one of Neale Donald Walsch's books... ‘Every decision you make—every decision—is not a decision about what to do. It’s a decision about Who You Are’. I guess that's why the thought process behind the decision is also an important one.

Making a choice is itself a problem as the there is no way to always determine all the actual resulting outcomes it causes. So all causes have a beginning… actually, in truth, all causes are the beginning because for every cause there is an effect.

On Tuesday night, I instinctively chose to pick up the ringing phone in my hotel room as I was aimlessly surfing the internet. On the line, was one of the Principals I worked for; however, he wasn't calling to discuss tomorrow’s meeting, instead he wanted to know if I would say yes to his gesture which was supposedly innocent but actually sheepishly disguised.

His choice: Engaging in pretence to get me into a comprising position…

My choice: Pondering the rationale behind his stupid behaviour after my initial repulse…

I politely declined as I had already watched the film ‘The Departed’.

Maybe he thought I would eventually depart from my senses and that is why he chose to continue in hope; after all hope is the quintessential human delusion... or peharps he was under the illusion that if he persisted I would realise that I had no other choice but to agree to what he was proposing because as my Principal Consultant, he was the one with the authority.

My reaction: Indignation!

His reaction: Embarrassment!

Can someone please give a valid reason as to why in hell I would leave my hotel room for a married man’s room to perch on his bed at 10:45pm under the pretext of watching a DVD?

No… I didn’t think so!



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