Friday, 3 October 2008


I am grateful for what I am. For what I have. Saying that, I need to get a new job.

For me it is about growth. I have been here too long. I choose to experience something different. It is time. However, I am just a little scared of leaving this one now. I guess with me it has to do with the fear of the unknown; which I'm not always good at facing... it has been known to cripple me... it is my pejorative... arghhhhh!

Don't get me wrong. Most of the time I do believe in me but at the moment I’m thinking ‘stay a while longer’. .. *Sigh*... Some of my rationale has to do with the uncertainty of the credit crunch... but part of me is like ‘who cares get a job back in Lagos’.

So in an effort to motivate myself, I am going to motivate others first... but in a completely different sector... simply bcos I can’t have you guys taking all the good jobs in engineering before I get back to Nigeria... lol

I'm talking... Finance

So moneymen (and women) in Nigeria, e-mail or send Minerva your CV:

or call:
+234 (0) 1 461 7265

The goddess of commerce has positions available in:
Investment banking
Capital markets
Retail and Risk management
Research in fixed income and equity

For some, I hope serendipity has found you on your visit to this page.

Do check out Naapali's comment to this post on the 3 princes of serendip.


Jennifer A. 3 October 2008 at 10:51  

Thanks for this...I'll forward this to anyone I come across who's searching...

Thirty + 3 October 2008 at 11:10  

No 2

I may just be on the plane to naija

Miss Definitely Maybe 3 October 2008 at 11:11  

i know how scary it is to look for a new job, its all to do with our comfort zone. I am starting a new job in two weeks time, better pay and conditions and all but am still apprehensive.

NaijaScorpio 3 October 2008 at 14:17  

Yeah, a lot of pple including me, let the fear of the unknown keep them at places they longer have any business being in. Good luck Job hunting.

tobenna 3 October 2008 at 14:21  

Good of you to advertise those openings Shubby.
Well done.
Do take the plunge quickly though and come back!

PS. Serendipity has indded found me on this post :)

Naapali 3 October 2008 at 15:19  

The three princes of Serendip (now Sri Lanka), travel the world and with unexpected good fortune and their own powers of reasoning solve problems and get out of jams.

Word serendipity coined by Horace Walpole based on the above Persian fable.

So are you planning a switch to finance?

Smaragd 3 October 2008 at 15:26  

very kind of you Shubby, u'll most definitely get a new job and so will I!amen!

that said, i vote that u come home to make some of the oil money, whaddaya think?

how far with preps for ur mum's buffday? and urs too?

gone bungee jumping yet?


ShonaVixen 3 October 2008 at 15:32  

That was kind of you helping those in finance!!
And yup never easy changing jobs and starting somewhere new...

bArOquE 3 October 2008 at 16:42  

quite thoughtful of you...stalker...i have forwarded it to the neccesary related parties...have a swell for me, no such thing...i actually thought today was tuesday...i work 7dayz a week...poor me abi?

Shubby Doo 3 October 2008 at 19:14  

@baroque – it’s like you knifed me in the chest with that word… here was me thinking that my baby B had come to whisper sweet nothings in my ear so I would release that which has come to belong to me…that’s it… I am toying with you always :-P

working so hard…7 days/week… really… how you get chance go gym last w/e… whatever sha just get pearly whites to give you a massage after a long day at work… I hear it can be quite… um…satisfying ;-)

Shubby Doo 3 October 2008 at 20:15  

@shonavixen - you are right but I will get off my arse and actually do it this time

@smaragd – Hey sweetie… Mum's bday plans are all sorted. thanks. We are hoping she will like what we've planned.

It is all still a surprise...all her attempts to find out from us or from family that we have colluded with in Nigeria have been thwarted... and it is driving her

Bungee what? not me o! heard too many stories about dislocations and eyes popping out from their sockets during the jump…. no way.

Skydive is in November :- )

@naapali - is there nothing you do not know?!

The 3 princes of serendip… who make discoveries by accident and sagacity… but didn’t napoleon once say ‘there is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed’

Finance ke? That means me looking after other people's money...i don't do looking after my own well...i see handbags, shoes, gold jewellery and gems stones...i loose my head… *in gollum's voice* 'these are my precious'… lol

@tobenna - i'm glad. pls spread the word.

@sting - thanks dearie

@miss DM - good luck. You’ll do just great

@30+ - you didn't tell me in time... i could have fitted in your hand luggage…

@jaycee - pls do. thanks hun

1st again…mehnnn you are 2 good lady!

Zayzee 3 October 2008 at 23:45  

thanks for motivating others. that lil fear of leaving where we are happens alot. but u will know when the time comes that you just have to move on.

bArOquE 4 October 2008 at 15:10 u want to return my, i want you to have it, infact please put it in your mouth, lemme feel what you can do...meanwhile, stalker, 7 days a week is not 24hrs a day...& i can do with a massage

Walking 5 October 2008 at 01:40  

Funny I am always super excited to start a new job guess because I fear being stuck in a job more than the unknown.

miz-cynic 5 October 2008 at 08:52  

i could neva leave a job b4 finding anoda.i always tnk of wht-ifs n plan bs

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